Religions Are Cults

eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man

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Please note that this "journal" is a protest site, written neither by the famous rapper nor notorious expert witnesses named Rick Ross but by a disgruntled Interwebs kook for his own sad and bitter amusement. It would be nice if it were to provide education and criticism in the face of what he sees as self-serving anti-cult twaddle which goes halfway toward addressing true problems of cults, famous and obscure. If you are looking for a bunch of self-congratulatory "critical thinkers," please do check out the fora at http://forum.rickross.com. There you will find earnest stabs at various groups perceived by others as freaks and apostates, but a depressing lack of insight into how charismatic leaders such as Jim Jones, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson's jesus machine are essentially identical, and how today's Scientology is almost exactly the same thing as Joseph Smith's Mormonism, only younger.

To contradict Mitt Romney's assertions of December 6, 2007, religion is not freedom, but too often just ego, willful ignorance and delusion.

I am [info]rorybowman and Rick Ross first annoyed me in January when I tried to address the questions of a woman named Ginah who seemed concerned about her marriage.

I tried to answer what I thought were her honest questions about a group I knew, based on observations of both good people and jerks I had seen within the group, but was labeled an "apologist" and banned by Ross himself. At first annoyed I figured that he had made an honest mistake, but as I continued to check back on Ginah I saw the same thinking errors and patterns repeated over and over. If this thread should ever re-appear I shall discuss it in some detail as an example of fundamental thinking errors and rhetorical style on the part of Rick Ross' primary fan base: Christian women who find Ross' attention flattering and political rhetoricians who use Ross as an attack dog and distracting clown.

In general I think that Ross is doing good work, but his indifference to ways he shuts down positive discussion and lumps together concepts such as "cult" and "brainwashing" for political purposes is dangerous. I think there are biographical reasons for this, but the pattern seems worth discussing. Who knows, he may even correct those errors and become a better person. Most people don't, but a girl can hope, eh?